Building Contract Works

Building Contract Works


Professional Implementation:

Check out the way they implement the project are they working professionally? Are they having a systematic approach for building construction?

A good building contractor will follow a systematic approach to building construction. First, the floor plan will be designed and then 3d drawings will be done(optional). Once the floor plan is completed soil testing must be done to see whether the soil is weak or strong, how many tons the soil can bear, what type of foundation should be used, all these data can be collected only from the soil testing report.

Once the soil testing is done, structural detailing should be done by a certified structural engineer. This detailing will contain what type of steel to be used, column size, beam size, foundation type and height all the structure related details will be given in this structural drawings.

Soil testing and structural detailing is an important step to keep the building long-lasting and with great quality. This is the very basic difference between a mason and a good building contractor. Only a few civil contractors use this approach for building construction. Find a contractor who gives importance to all these steps and construct a building.

 We at Cityrene, follow a specific systematic approach for building each project with great quality and long-lasting. We explain to our customer why do we do every step and we explain the importance of it.

What is the role of building contractors?

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a building contractor:

  • Construction site progress monitoring.
  • Planning and designing the project right from the design phase
  • Supervising the labours and labour management
  • Coordinating with the client.
  • Safety precautions at the site
  • Reviewing, modifying and monitoring the day to day activities at the construction site
  • Providing day to day update to the client
  • Co-ordinating with other sub-contractors at site
  • Managing the whole team on site
  • Managing the construction materials
  • All the paper works related to construction